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  • Rib Steak

  • Boneless Ribeye

  • T-Bone

  • Top Sirloin

  • Top Round

  • Sirloin Tip

  • Cubed Steak

  • Tenderloin

Family-owned and operated since 1921, Follett's Meat Company offers custom beef processing to your specifications. Your needs are our top priority. Let us handle all of your custom beef cutting and wrapping needs.


A licensed meat processor, we are the only shop in the area that offers stationary and mobile slaughter. That means you can come to us or we can come to you. From steaks to hamburger, we can handle anything you need.

Beef cut to your specifications


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Beef Processing

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  • Chuck Roast

  • Pot Roast

  • Heel Roast

  • Rump Roast


We also offer Boneless Rolled Roasts from any bone-in roast section.

We offer the packaging of your burger in 1#, 1.5# and 2# packages.


  • Traditional(3" 4-Rib Strip)

  • Korean(1/2" 4-Rib Strip)

Short Ribs

  • Stew Meat

  • Soup Bones or Dog Bones

  • Cubed Steak

Miscellaneous Cuts

  • Sweet & Hot

  • Peppered

  • Traditional